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Economics and management of production
ArticleName Technical and economic substantiation and determination of marketable cost of the production technology of metallocarbonic nanocomposites
ArticleAuthor Kiselyov B. G., Kozhitov L. V., Kozlov V. V., Ponomaryov M. V.

Production technology of metallocarbonic nanocomposites which sphere of application extends is developed in National Research Technological University “Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys» (MISIS). With a view of commercialization the developed technology there was a task in view of determination of its marketable cost. The preliminary technical and economic substantiation of the project of detector production of the security-fire alarm system has been spent for an estimation of cash-flows from realization of production on the basis of metallocarbonic nanocomposites. Calculations have shown, what even at use of the developed technology on the scale of 5 % of the domestic market of fire detectors the marketable cost of technology confirmed with the patent — 4,2 million rub., exceeds the considered settlement expenses for its creation in 2–3 times.

keywords Carbon nanocrystalline materials, nanocomposites, gas analyzers, marketable cost, cost plus approach, profitable approach
Language of full-text russian
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