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Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Production of copper electrolytic powder in the presence of the polyacrylamide flocculants
ArticleAuthor Agarova N. E., Yakovleva L. M., Lebed, A. B., Saveliev A. M., Chernoval E. V.

Producibility of copper electrolytic powder at presence of polyacrylamide flocculants with the demanded fractions is considered. Results of laboratory and industrial tests of flocculants and change of bulk density, specific surface area and some fractions of the received powders are resulted. Influence of flocculants on production from a stage of powder electrolysis marks PMS-IN with purpose of yield increases in finished products and increases of flow rate of powder is Considered.

keywords Copper powder, polyacrylamide flocculants, electrolyzer unit, bulk density, fractional yield, specific surface area
Language of full-text russian
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