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Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Research of influence of temperature on suppression of hardly soluble compounds from solutions
ArticleAuthor Litvinenko V. S., Telyakov N. M., Smirnov A. V.

We suppose that the gas phase temperature entering into the chemical or metallurgical processes reactor running in the system liquid-gas and leading to the forming of disperse solid phase influences to the factors of the precipitation process. The theoretical calculation of temperature changing on the gas bubble surface in time of its’ floating in the chemical reactor in different conditions is given. The scheme of laboratory unit with previous gas phase heating entering into the researching solution is also given in this article. In terms of laboratory researching of manganese and ferrum precipitation from sulphate solutions are shown that the air temperature entering into reactor influences to the mechanism of reaction.

keywords The disperse hard phase, liquid, gas, phase boundary, temperature, gas bubble, the tube-type furnace, reactor, air oxygen
Language of full-text russian
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