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Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
ArticleName Production of low-alkalinity α-alumina from middling products of the aluminuos companies
ArticleAuthor Simakova O. N., Dashkevich R. Ya.

Possibility in principle of low-alkalinity a-alumina from middling products of the aluminuos companies (to 0,1 % R2O) processing the nephelininc raw materials is presented. Alumina with concentrate of alkalis of 0,033–0,055 % (mas.) and with the maintenance a-phases to 98 % is produced as a result from aluminuos dust cleaning of electrofilters of rotary calcination furnaces and furnaces of thermally activated aluminum hydroxide from oxides of alkiline metals and following glowing at 400 оС with mineralizers.

keywords Low-alcalinity, not metallurgical alumina, aluminous dust of electrofilters, clearning from alkalis, glowing, mineralizer
Language of full-text russian
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