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Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
ArticleName Increase of operational efficiency of aluminium electrolysis with self-baking anode and top current supply by means of graded layout of anode pins
ArticleAuthor Nozhko S. I., Vorona A. B., Turusov S. N., Yanko E. A.

Possibility of fundamental improvement of anode pack operation of electrolysis for aluminum production by means of application of graded schemes of anode pins layot is proved. Increase of current load on the marginal pins by increase in average minimum distance at moving of the central pins. Application of graded schemes of anode pins layot allows to decrease in an yield of coal froth, improves a condition of a lateral surface of the anode and that is very important, reduces voltage drop in the anode (the expense of the electric power on aluminum production).

keywords Electrolysis, anode, electrolyte, current load, cathodes, coal froth, aluminum
Language of full-text russian
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