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Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
Название Extraction of rhenium from uranium leach solutions of the Kyzylkum province
Автор I. S. Ortikov, V. P. Nebera

Researches of sorbate technologies on saturation of anionite KEP-200 and AMP with solutions by underground leaching are realized. It is found that introduction of sorbate technology on the basis of KEP-200 will allow to produce ammoniac strippants which processing provides high extraction of rhenium at all subsequent stages of processing (97–99 %), ammonium perrhenateof mark АР-0, in which concentrate of rhenium is above 69,3 %. The researches directed on intensification of process with a view of concentration increase of rhenium in eluates and reductions of their volume, are realized. It is established that, grade of rhenium extraction from ores does not exceed 20–30 % at use of any reagents and formation water without an oxidizer. Atmospheric oxygen (less than 10 mg/l), submitted to treatment solutions is the main component for leaching. Besides, the technique of preservation of ore samples by them waxing does not exclude partial influence of oxygen on rhenium mineralization. Results of rhenium leaching from mining samples mentioned by oxygen are direct signs of positive influence of an oxidizer on rhenium extraction. In this case grade of extraction reached 50–60 % and more without dependence from type of an applied reagent (including at use of formation water). Usage of an oxidizer — hydrogen peroxid in the quantity equivalent to concentration of oxygen of 100-500 mg/l in laboratory conditions, raised grade of rhenium extraction from ores to 70–95 %.

Ключевые слова Rhenium, underground leaching, pitch, selectance, extraction, extracting, re-extraction, impurity, crystallisation, extractant, sorption
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