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Nanostructured metals and materials
ArticleName Application of metal oxides for synthesis of carbon metal containing Nanostructures
ArticleAuthor Trineeva V. V., Kodolov V. I., Denisov V. A., Volkova Е. G.

Possibility of reception of carbon metal containing nanostructures at use of waste of metallurgical production is shown. The oxidation-reduction reactions with formation of metal materials with smaller degree oxidation of metal proceed at reception by the offered method metal and metaloxidation nanoparticles, nanoroda and nanoplates. It is confirmed that duration of temperature processing influences the form, the size and structure of received carbon metal containing nanostructures. Change of parameters of temperature soaking leads to considerable change in structure of nanoparticles and according to change of their properties at application of the method of reception metal and metaloxidation nanoparticles, presented in the article.

keywords Nanoreactor, polyvinyl spirit, microscopy, nanostructure, structuring, molecule interaction, processing
Language of full-text russian
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