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Radioactive elements
ArticleName Research of clearing of molybdenum trioxide from uranium oxides by the sublimation method at the lowered pressure
ArticleAuthor Makarov F. V.

Results of researches of physical and chemical bases of process sublimate clearings of molybdenum trioxide from uranium oxides at the lowered pressure are resulted. Equilibrium compositions in system МоO3—UO2, kinetic constant, apparent energy of activation is defined by thermodynamic calculations and kinetic researches, rate-limiting step is established. The technological scheme of processing of molybdenum waste from uranium dioxide production, including following stages: crushing of molybdenum boats, oxidation of molybdenum by oxygen, sublimate clearing of molybdenum trioxide from uranium oxides and other accompanying impurity is offered on the basis of the received results.

keywords Molybdenum, molybdenum trioxide, uranium oxide, sublimation, waste, processing, thermodynamics, kinetics
Language of full-text russian
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