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Metal processing
ArticleName About reasons of ingot cracking of aluminium riveting alloy D18 at rolling
ArticleAuthor Khodakov S. P., Teleshov V. V., Golovleva A. P., Zaharov V. V.

Destruction of ingots on the first passes with chinking in narrow lateral faces of rolled wire with oval section is sometimes appeared at a batch production of rolled wire from ingots of alloy D18 of different melting processes. Microstructure researches, fracture analysis of breaks of ingots and direct gravity detemination of metal before and after hip pressure isostatic treatment shows that the unique revealed change of structure at hip pressure isostatic treatment is elimination of the shrinkable porosity which is present at surface areas of an ingot. Spent successful hot rolling of blocks teated by hip pressure isostatic shows that porosity is the main reason of ingot cracking at the rolling.

keywords Aluminium riventing alloy, porosity, cracking, hot rolling, structure change
Language of full-text russian
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