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Materials Science
ArticleName The study of transformation kinetics for overcooled austenite of the new high-strength steel with increased cold resistance
DOI 10.17580/cisisr.2020.01.11
ArticleAuthor P. P. Poletskov, O. A. Nikitenko, A. S. Kuznetsova, V. M. Salganik

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

P. P. Poletskov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Materials Processing Dept.
O. A. Nikitenko, Cand. Eng., Scientific Researcher., R&D Center
A. S. Kuznetsova, Junior Scientific Researcher, Engineering Center, E-mail:
V. M. Salganik, Dr. Eng., Prof., Materials Processing Dept.


Strategic importance of creation of the new competitive materials providing efficient operation of the machine-building complex in the extremal Arctic and High North conditions is substantiated. The complex of requirements to the new materials is determined; it is based on their operating features such as σ0.2 ≥ 600 N/mm2, σv = 700–1100 N/mm2, with δ5 ≥ 17%, KCV–60 ≥ 50 J/cm2 and Сeqv ≤ 0.53. Chemical composition of the newly developed steel 20G2SMRA (20Г2СМРА) is presented. Critical points Ac1 – 725 and Ac3 – 814 °C are determined for this new steel, as well as the effect of cooling rate on structural and phase transformations, qualitative structural parameters and properties for continuous transformation of overcooled austenite are researched. Thermal kinetic diagram is also built. The obtained results can be also used in development of the new cold-resistant steels as well as in choice of routes and procedures of their heat treatment.

The research was executed under financial support of the RF Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of realization of RF President’s grant (Agreement No. 075-15-2020-205 dated 17.03.2020 (int. No. МК-1979.2020.8)).

keywords New high-strength steels, chemical composition, increased cold resistance, structural and phase transformations, thermal and kinetic diagram, Gleeble 3500 complex, microstructure, machinebuilding complex, High North, Arctic region

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Full content The study of transformation kinetics for overcooled austenite of the new high-strength steel with increased cold resistance