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ArticleName Managing mining enterprise productivity by open pit reconstruction
DOI 10.17580/em.2020.01.08
ArticleAuthor Prokopenko V. I., Pilov P. I., Cherep A. Yu., Pilova D. P.

Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine:

Prokopenko V. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Pilov P. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Cherep A. Yu., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Pilova D. P., Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences


Market conditions of the economic activity of Ukraine’s mining and processing enterprises circumscribed the possibility of ore raw materials mining in acceptable earlier volumes, which led to the increase in the cost price and the decrease in the competitiveness of their products. This required the search for progressive approaches to the operation of mining-andtransport equipment and engineering solutions for the technology of deposit development. The methodical approach to the technological reengineering of the open pit and the improvement of the technological scheme for the development of a horizontal deposit under the condition of providing competitive cost for mining minerals are generalized in order to eliminate the inconsistency of the high capacity of technological complexes of mining operations to the significantly reduced market demand for ore concentrate. The influence of productivity of mining-and-transport equipment and the open pit as a whole on the cost of mining ore raw materials, based on costs of servicing and maintenance of units of equipment of the technological complex of the open pit is substantiated. The tendency of the change in production volume of manganese concentrate at the Pokrovsky mining and processing enterprise is analyzed. It is marked that during the years of 2007-2017 annual production volume has been reduced from 0.82 to 0.38 million tons. In a glance with this tendency, reengineering of the technological scheme of the open pit is proposed on the basis of the existing equipment. Technological scheme of the development of overburden massif in the Chkalovsky-2 open-pit by transport-and-dump method and stripping method is improved. This allows reducing production costs significantly, in particular transport costs, costs of overburden works, and, in general, mining cost of manganese ore.

keywords Open pit mine reengineering, raw materials, technology of mining operations, cleaning-up, stripping method, productivity

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