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ArticleName Justification of rockfall-and-rockslide protection screen design for open pit mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.01.21
ArticleAuthor Barinov A. Yu.

GEOBRUGG, Moscow, Russia:

A. Yu. Barinov, CEO,


The article discusses the general operation principle and design features of structural elements of a standard rockfill-and-rockslide protection screen. The main problems connected with operation of such structure and their causes are described. The recommendations on aspects to focus on during the analysis of a situation and selection of a proper solution are given. The list of initial data required for calculating the screen design variables and approximate cost at the project design stage is presented. By way of illustration, it is proposed to analyze the engineering protection systems manufactured by Geobrugg AG, Switzerland. The main advantages of these products include:
– strength higher than the conventional analogs have;
– design capable to uniformly distribute load;
– approval by large-scale trials in association with independent institutions.
Rockfall-and-rockslide protection screens are widely applied, including protection of benches and pit walls. The screens can be constructed and installed on the fly, need no constant attendance, are inexpensive and, above all, ensure safety and efficiency of mining. Adherence to the recommendations during planning of screen construction activities, namely, acquisition of specific information and engineering approach to the screen design and material can greatly enhance reliability of the structure and to extend its operating life.

keywords Open pit mine, engineering protection systems, rockfall-and-rockslide protection screen, rockfalls, rockslides, draping, screen, rock bolt

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