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ArticleName Potential copper plant Vanyukov furnace gas desulphurization capacity
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2021.01.02
ArticleAuthor Platonov O. I., Tsemekhman L. Sh.

O. I. Platonov, Independent Advisor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:
L. Sh. Tsemekhman, Professor, Editorial Board Member at Tsvetnye Metally, Doctor of Technical Sciences, e-mail:


To enable maximum disposal of Vanyukov furnace flue gas, the authors of this paper examined the spare capacity of the Elemental Sulphur Site at the Copper Plant of Nornickel’s Polar Division. Thus, the paper considers an optimized three-stage flue gas treatment process (which also includes a thermal reduction stage) and the possibility to skip the stage of preliminary condensation of sulphur from reduced gas. To estimate how it will affect the overall recovery of sulphur (desulphurization factor), a series of calculations was carried out to compare the Elemental Sulphur Site’s performance during two different treatment processes: a complete process that includes preliminary condensation of sulphur from thermally reduced gas; and a short process, i.e. without preliminary condensation of sulphur. In both cases, the concentration of sulphur dioxide in the Vanyukov furnace gas was [SO2] = 28 vol %. The results of the calculations were verified through experiments conducted on a pilot unit owned by Gipronikel Institute with the gas flow reaching ~1.2 nm3/h, and they confirm the possibility of implementing the three-stage treatment process using the available plant space and reaching the capacity of 40,000 nm3/h and the sulphur recovery of ~89 %. The obtained data on the specific  consumption rates of natural gas, oxygen and boiler water can be used for a feasibility study to justify the adoption of the short treatment process at the Elemental Sulphur Site of the Copper Plant of Nornickel’s Polar Division.

keywords Vanyukov furnace, flue gas, desulphurization, reduced sulphurous gas, treatment, extraction of sulphur, sulphur recovery

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