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ArticleName Start of the powerful synchronous motor of the rolling mill converting unit
DOI 10.17580/chm.2021.04.11
ArticleAuthor G. P. Kornilov, A. N. Shemetov, B. M. Loginov, I. O. Kozhevnikov

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

G. P. Kornilov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of Dept. of Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises
A. N. Shemetov, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Dept. of Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises, e-mail:
I. O. Kozhevnikov, Graduate Student, Dept. of Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

B. M. Loginov, Cand. Eng., Leading Engineer of the Central Electrical Laboratory


The features of starting the powerful high-voltage grid synchronous electric motors as a part of unregulated electric drives in the metallurgical and mining industries is considered in the article. The analyzed of used in practice start modes and methods with their advantages and disadvantages. For the synchronous motor as a part of electric-machine’s converter unit a start method with an accelerating motor as a standard DC machine is proposed. The mathematical and dynamic computer models of the power supply network of an industrial enterprise and a high-voltage powerful synchronous motor are described. Suggested a recommendation option of power equipment for the proposed start scheme.

keywords High-voltage synchronous motor, unregulated electric drives, start, computer model, accelerating motor

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