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ArticleName Technologies of mine roof support using cable bolters: Experience and prospects
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.01.17
ArticleAuthor Shurtin D. A., Dudin A. A., Lysenko M. V.

RANK 2, Kemerovo, Russia:

D. A. Shurtin, Head of the Mines Group at the Sales Department


RANK, Kemerovo, Russia:
A. A. Dudin, CEO
M. V. Lysenko, Chief Technical Officer,


The modern mines in Russia and in the near abroad target themselves at effective mechanization and higher production output through modernization of manufacturing capabilities. Currently mining is carried out at great depths and in wider roadways using large-size self-propelling machinery. The geological conditions complicate with growing depth of mining, which impedes operations as a rule. At the present day, mine support systems for great depths include heavy steel support, which calls for essential physical and technical resources. Thus, it is required to improve methods of mine support and to expand application ranges of rock bolting. As a case-study of Maisky Mine, the authors discuss applicability of RANK 2 AK series cable bolting using a cable bolter and with anchorage using chemical ampules and injection syringe. The two-level support design, using a cable bolt anchored using a chemical ampule, with individual supporting components such as a plate or a pickup without complete fill of a hole, is the most effective method of mine roof support. Moreover, it enables safe and efficient operations at intersections in the mine, or in wide roadways, with no blocking the ways for personnel or for rock haulage by large-size self-propelling machines.

keywords Roadways, support and maintenance, two-level design, cable bolts, mineral ampules, sandand- cement mixture

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