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ArticleName Strategy of structural and parametric improvement of multisatellite planetary gears in mining machines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.03.08
ArticleAuthor Grabsky A. A., Plekhanov F. I., Grabskaya E. P., Vychuzhanina E. F.

Ordzhonikidze Russian State Geological Prospecting University, Moscow, Russia:

A. A. Grabsky, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk, Russia:
F. I. Plekhanov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
E. F. Vychuzhanina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences

NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

E. P. Grabskaya, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences


Multisatellite planetary gears have good technical and economic indicators and a high degree of reliability, thanks to which they are widely used in many areas of the national economy. Possessing relatively small dimensions and mass at high load capacity, they have proven themselves in lifting, transport and mining machines. Most often constructions with self-aligning (“floating”) links are used, which have a relatively low uneven distribution of the load in the wheel engagement. However, to ensure self-alignment requires the presence of a special mechanism in the form of a double-toothed or angular clutch, wh ich com plicates the design of the drive. In the presented article, a new design of a multi-satellite planetary gear was proposed, in which the carrier was made assembled, with a floating cheek. A method is proposed for determining the distribution laws of the load in the zones of junction of the satellite axis with the jaws of the modular carrier, which makes it possible to calculate the transmission for strength and rigidity and establish rational values of its parameters. The solution of the problem was carried out using the differential equations of the curved axis of the satellite, recorded taking into account the contact deformation of the mating elements and the bending deformation of the axis. In this case, the contact compliance was determined experimentally using an INSTRON machine. The differential equations of the curved axis were solved by the Euler method.

keywords Planetary gear, design, satellite axis, load distribution, rational parameters

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