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ArticleName The Moscow Peat Institute’s schools and their development at the Tver State Technical University
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.05.01
ArticleAuthor Misnikov O. S., Kopenkina L. V., Zyuzin B. F.

Tver State Technical University, Tver, Russia:

O. S. Misnikov, Dean, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
L. V. Kopenkina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
B. F. Zyuzin, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The Tver State Technical University was founded as the Peat Institute in 1922 in Moscow and was called the Moscow Peat Institute (MPI) since 1930. Later on, during historical development of our country and its economic transformation, MPI was moved to the town of Kalinin and gradually switched from the narrow peat-oriented specialization to the full-fledged research and training of highly educated and skilled personnel in a wide range of humanitarian and engineering sciences and professions. MPI’s basis departments of peat-land science, applied peat mining, peat cutting machines and application of peat in agriculture were initially founded at the Peat Department of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy and then, in 1930, made a basis for an independent higher education institution—Moscow Peat Institute. Historically and at the modern stage of development, the Institute included a few large schools on peat, which were directly correlated with the peat department founded at the early stages of the Peat Institute and by right are internationally recognized today. During 100 years of development and activities, the research and pedagogy schools of the Moscow Peat Institute–Tver State Technical University have proved to be a reliable and solid theoretical and experimental framework for the technologies implemented by the global peat industry, and for the fruitful and innovative advancement of peat mining both in Russia and abroad.

keywords Scientific schools, peat deposit, geology, peat geology/physics/chemistry, peat cutting machines, mining, processing, chemical technology

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