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ArticleName Theoretical and applicative background of digital nature-reproductive technologies for integrated peat resources management
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.05.09
ArticleAuthor Valiev N. G., Grevtsev N. V., Egoshina O. S., Lebzin M. S.

Ural State Mining University, Yekaterinburg, Russia:

N. G. Valiev, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
N. V. Grevtsev, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
O. S. Egoshina, Senior Lecturer
M. S. Lebzin, Lecturer


The relevance of the issues discussed in the article is due to the need to reduce the impact of geotechnologies on the environment and the necessity of digitalization of innovative high-tech industries. The article substantiates the effectiveness of a system-based approach to solving the problems of integrated development of peat resources based on the digital nature-reproductive geotechnologies that ensure carbon regulation. It is shown that the systematic approach and the end-to-end energy-environmental analysis facilitate joint solution of technical, technological and environmental problems. The model of the peat production and consumption system is proposed. The effectiveness of the digital model in enhanced accuracy determination of the qualitative characteristics of raw materials and in 3D imaging of distribution of peat categories is shown. The advantages of the hydromechanized method of peat extraction as a climate-saving technology are substantiated. The available theoretical and engineering background and the need of novel digital nature-reproductive geotechnologies for the integrated peat resources management is emphasized. The concept of a new digital nature-saving technology for peat milling and deep processing is based on the hydraulic peat milling equipment, innovative generation of thermal and electrical energy, mechanothermal activation of organomineral systems and on the modern structural covering materials. The key requirements to a robotic equipment system for obtaining composite products with new performance indicators are formulated and validated.
The study was carried out under the R&D State Contract between the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ural State Mining University, Registration No. 075-03-2022-401 dated January 12, 2022: Development and Ecologo-Economic Justification of Reclamation Technologies for Land Disturbed by Mining and Metallurgy Using Ameliorants and New-Type Fertilizers, and was implemented in cooperation with the Shared Use Center and using the resources of the Federal Research Center for Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (No. RU.0001.21 PF59, Joint Russian Registry for Shared Use Centers:

keywords Peat, raw material categories, system-based approach, digital nature-reproductive geotechnologies, energy-environmental analysis, information systems, hydraulic mining method

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