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ArticleName Analysis of the market of mine support systems in Russia
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.07.08
ArticleAuthor Eremenko V. A., Khazhyylai Ch. V., Yanbekov A. M., Umarov A. R.

Research Center for Applied Geomechanics and Convergent Technologies in Mining, NUST MISIS’ College of Mining, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Eremenko, Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,
Ch. V. Khazhyylai, Project Engineer, Post-Graduate Student
A. M. Yanbekov, Project Engineer, Post-Graduate Student
A. R. Umarov, Project Engineer, Post-Graduate Student


The analytical results on the current condition and growth prospects of the market of mine support systems in Russia are presented. The scope of the analysis involved all available and open sources of information: databases of the Federal Customs Service and of the Federal Service for State Statistics of the Russian Federation; regulatory documents in open access; printed and electronic business materials and analytical reviews; global Internet; expert inquiries; information provided by the participants of the domestic and international markets; research data of marketing and consulting agencies; databases of sectoral institutions; pricing monitoring results; research papers and proceedings of scientific conferences. The present-day business climate in the mining industry in Russia is assessed. The major importers of mine support systems and the average price dynamics of the relevant imports for the last 5 years are identified. The vulnerable spots are detected on the Russian market, namely, the lack of the pre-feasibility study procedures of new, innovative and expensive systems and types of mine support; the lack of testing machines to estimate and demonstrate operation of different mine support systems and types under static and dynamic loading with a view to determining their energy absorption capacity and deformation characteristics, etc. The mineral resources and mineral reserves of Russia are evaluated per regions of the country. The information on production of mine support systems in Russia is given together with the review and characteristic of the suppliers, as well as with the procedure and sequence of mine support system certification in Russia. The manufacturers of sheet and rolled products, metal (forged) female screws, special structural iron and H-beams are listed. Based on the analytical results on the market of mine support systems in Russia, at the current stage of development of the mining industry, the Russian manufacturers and suppliers of mine support systems have good prospects for the effective internal marketing of the products and for engineering of innovative systems and materials. These prospects are for the first turn connected with: the ability to completely supply production with domestic rolled products, structural iron and other required materials; the elimination of imports of such products from unfriendly countries; the stiffening of the government supervision over safety in mining; and with the concern of the scientific community in Russia for engineering and design of novel and nonstandard mine support systems for different geological and geotechnical conditions. The 2021 Report on the Market of Mine Support Systems in Russia and Kazakhstan includes a substantial volume of statistical data on all essential areas and topics. The report is available on request at the Research Center for Applied Geomechanics and Convergent Technologies in Mining of the NUST MISIS’ College of Mining.

keywords Mineral resources and mineral reserves of Russia, mine support, rockbolt system certification, mine support manufacturers in Russia, sheet and rolled products, special structural iron, special interchangeable metal shape SVP

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