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ArticleName Developing production and export potentials of Belarusian mining: The intensive and extensive components
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.08.03
ArticleAuthor Solodovnikov S. Yu., Meleshko Yu. V.

Belarussian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus:

S. Yu. Solodovnikov, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Yu. V. Meleshko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences


The study is aimed at developing the theoretical and methodological foundations for increasing the production and export potential of the Belarusian mining industry as a single technical and organizational complex, which is a part of the national economy, using extensive and intensive methods. The methodological basis of the research is presented by the theoretical concepts of superindustrial economy and economy of risks. As research methods, we used the systematic analysis of theoretical and empirical data, the subject approach, as well as the statistical analysis of publicly available data. The structure of the modern mining industry in the Republic of Belarus and its place in the national economy are described. The limits of further development of the Belarussian mining industry are indicated, mainly on the basis of the extensive methods that dominate at the moment. It is shown that digitalization is one of the few available ways to increase the economic efficiency of the Belarusian mining industry by optimizing production processes, reducing costs and increasing safety of mining operations. The introduced digital technologies will have a multiplicative economic effect as the areas of their application expand. The development of related digital services and the transition to digital business models will increase adaptability of Belarusian mines to highly dynamic external and internal conditions. The results of the study can serve as a theoretical and methodological basis for developing recommendations for improving structural and industrial policies, and may also be of interest for further theoretical research and practice of digitalization of the mining industry.

keywords Republic of Belarus, mining industry, economy, production potential, export potential, extensive growth, intensive growth, digitalization

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