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ArticleName Thermally stimulated acoustic emission to assess soil stability change in physicochemical reinforcement
DOI 10.17580 /gzh.2022.09.07
ArticleAuthor Novikov E. A., Klementiev E. A.

College of Mining, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

E. A. Novikov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
E. A. Klementiev, Student


The article describes testing results on efficiency of thermal activation of manmade-reinforced soil to increase percentage of friendly signals, characteristic of the soil structure and strength evolution, in the flow of the acoustic emission events generated in soil. The proposed approaches to the multiparametric processing of data measured using the suggested method of thermally stimulated acoustic emission (TAE) produce the structure-sensitive numerical rating Rtngeru. The signature of these approaches and Rtngeru as compared with the earlier guides on the same subject is the absent restriction of the application domain of the studies into soil structure, properties and behavior exclusively to frozen soil. The correlation between the values of Rtngeru and evolution of strength properties is proved for the same-type and cryothermally consolidated and chemically reinforced (treated with a cement-based solution) soils. The TAE method has for the first time produced the results which enable following the deformation development in geomaterials and allow numerical expression of new structural bonds as the grouting spreads and hardens. It is shown that different graininess of soil has no interfering influence on Rtngeru. The article justifies applicability of the approaches to monitoring dynamics of structural stability of complex-stress foundation soil to obtain hard information on the efficiency and sufficiency of efforts undertaken to prevent extensive subsidence, displacement, landslides and other hazardous events connected with loss of load-bearing capacity in soil.
The study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Project No. 21-77-00010.

keywords Soil, temperature conditions, stress state, manmade reinforcement, acoustic emission, consistent patterns, experiment, development of geocontrol methods

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