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ArticleName Models of environmental safety monitoring in the management of production processes in quarries
DOI 10.17580/em.2022.02.19
ArticleAuthor Deryabin S. A., Misineva E. V., Agabubaev A. T., Rzazade U. A.

National University of Science and Technology—NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

Deryabin S. A., Head of the ACS Department Laboratory,
Misineva E. V., Assistant of the ACS Department
Agabubaev A. T., Head teacher of the ACS Department
Rzazade U. A., Head teacher of the ACS Department


Currently, the data obtained during the operation of mining enterprises are not sufficiently used to assess the pollution of the natural environment. In this regard, the purpose of this work is to improve the environmental safety of the functioning of mining enterprises by developing structural and functional schemes for the modernization of technological work management processes and integrating tools for assessing the dynamics of environmental conditions based on hybrid simulation methods and Industry 4.0 technologies. Within the framework of the work done, a structural and functional model of modernization of the technological process control scheme of open-type mining enterprises for dynamic assessment of the environmental condition of polluted territories was proposed, and a software implementation of the application was also implemented, which allows integrating the obtained results into the current information environment of mining enterprises.

keywords Hybrid simulation, environmental modeling, multi-agent approach, environmental safety, mining, digital transformation, Industry 4.0

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