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ArticleName System of directed loading and rupture of borehole walls for stress assessment in rock mass
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.01.08
ArticleAuthor Leizer V. I.

NUST MISIS’ College of Mining, Moscow, Russia ; SpetsStroyEkspert LLC, Moscow, Russia:

V. I. Leizer, Post-Graduate Student1, Leading Engineer2,


Reliable information on the stress–strain behavior of rock mass is one of the top-priority tasks within applied geomechanics and geocontrol. This information enjoys wide application at the project stages and during implementation of all process flows included in mine construction, mineral mining and operation of various-purpose underground structures. Intelligence on the quality and quantity characteristics of stresses in the crust takes a perceptible part in prediction of possible dynamic events, as well as in selection and optimization of solutions on the technique and technology in ground control and stability of mining system structures. The developed procedure of directed loading and rupture of borehole walls for the stress assessment in rock mass can decrease labor content of measurements and increase their timeliness, and can provide the objective information on natural stresses to predict hazardous events induced by rock pressure and to backup geomechanical calculations with the required parameters. Considering the fact that the value of pressure applied by the developed system on the borehole walls in appearance of the Kaiser effect conforms with the value of stresses in intact rock mass, the proposed procedure can enable automated processing of data to eliminate errors and reduce the analysis time.
The study was supported by the Foundation for Promotion of Small Businesses in Sci-Tech Environment (Foundation for Promotion of Innovations), Agreement No. 14893GU/2019 dated December 18, 2019, MISIS, Moscow.
The author appreciates participation of the Director of the Research Center for Applied Geomechanics and Convergent Technologies in Mining, College of Mining, NUST MISIS, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor V. A. Eremenko, Consulting Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Global Asia Management, Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor V. A. Mansurov and the Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Department of Vertex Gold Company, Kyrgyzstan, E. A. Babkin in this study.

keywords Rock mass, stress–strain behavior, acoustic emission sensors, directed loading of borehole walls, rupture of borehole walls, Kaiser effect

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