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ArticleName Substantiation of safe parameters for yielding rib pillars in mining technology of ore breaking with induced roof subsidence in complex rockburst-hazardous conditions in Severouralsk bauxite mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.01.14
ArticleAuthor Shadrin M. A., Sidorov D. V., Kornaushenko A. P., Minzaripov R. G.

VNIMI JSC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

M. A. Shadrin, CEO, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Poligor LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:
D. V. Sidorov, Deputy CEO for Science, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Projects and Technologies—Ural Region LLC, Severouralsk, Russia:
A. P. Kornaushenko, Chief Technical Officer


SUBR JSC, Severouralsk, Russia:
R. G. Minzaripov, Head of Rockburst Prediction and Prevention Services


The article discusses VNIMI’s instructional approaches to application of the room-and-pillar systems in the conditions of complex geodynamics in mining rockburst-hazardous bauxite deposits at Severouralsk. The authors describe the determination procedure and resultant parameters of the yielding rib pillars in the mining technology with ore breaking and induced roof subsidence. Stability of structural components experiences high influence of an additional dynamic load initiated by deformation of a blocky structure. In view of the complex shape of the rib pillars, their rockburst hazard is determined using the digital twin PRESS 3D URAL which allows anticipatory assessment of the induced impact exerted by heading and stoping operations on adjacent rock mass. The criterion parameter in the current dynamic hazard prediction is the stress intensity factor at the orebody bottom. The geodynamic safety control using a set of modern powerful hardware/software facilities allows actual reliable and accurate determination and control of the geodynamic behavior of rock masses, as well as the quantitative and qualitative estimation of the geodynamic risks. The timely and reliable prediction and prevention of geodynamic events enables effective managerial decision-making on the improved safety of mines being designed, constructed and operated in difficult geological and geodynamic conditions. The expected result is the enhanced economic efficiency and increased competitive ability of mining companies in the Russian and in the global markets of metals, as well as the higher economic stability of mines.

keywords Process flow chart, rib pillars, geodynamic processes, stress–strain behavior, modeling, parameters

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