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Название Calculation of groundwater reserves for water withdrawal in layered strata
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.02.03
Автор Malkov A. V., Fisun N. V., Fisun O. N.
Информация об авторе

Narzangidroresursy LLC, Kislovodsk, Russia:

A. V. Malkov, Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, anatol.malkov@yandex.ru


Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting, Moscow, Russia:
N. V. Fisun, Associate Professor, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
O. N. Fisun, Leading Specialist


When studying subsurface with a view to assessing groundwater reserves at the existing water intakes in the layered strata, it is required to use validated charts of the natural resources supply calculation and appraisal. Concerning receipts and expenses in the water balance, it is most difficult to tally inflows from adjacent aquifers. The authors propose a balanced approach to solving this problem based on the interpretation of the results of pilot pumping tests using the Hantush method as a case-study of a site in the center of the Moscow Artesian Basin. A simplified technology for processing experimental data using a correlation dependence in the Bessel function calculation is suggested. The balance studies using the proposed methodology determined the governing factors in
the formation of groundwater reserves, including the gravity-induced flows in the aquifer (68%) and the deep percolation-related flows of groundwater from the upper lying levels (31%). Considering the upper level groundwater inflow percent, it is important to maintain a sanitary protection zone for groundwater in the water withdrawal area. The percolation model can be constructed as a laterally infinite confined groundwater system with horizontal and vertical water exchange and with radially convergent flow structure in the steady conditions. The regime-governing factors are the water withdrawal (expense), the lateral flow in the target stratum and the vertical inflow from the feeding aquifer (receipts).

Ключевые слова Groundwater reserves, calculation model, layered strata, balance, pilot pumping tests, Hantush technique, Moscow Artesian Basin
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