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ArticleName Automated control of earthfill dams at tailings storage facilities
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.02.10
ArticleAuthor Nizametdinov N. F., Nizametdinov F. K., Elimanov D. K., Igemberlina M. B.

Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan:

N. F. Nizametdinov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
F. K. Nizametdinov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
D. K. Elimanov, Candidate for a Master’s Degree
M. B. Igemberlina, Senior Lecturer


Earthfill dams at tailings storages at concentration factories are the shielding facilities of controlled waste disposal. The present-day geodetic surveying of deformation processes in the slopes of the earthfill dams at tailings storage facilities is a very complicated and laborconsuming process. To overcome the difficulties, it is advisable to arrange an automated observation control to ensure an end-to-end assessment of the earthfill dams at tailings storage facilities at concentration factories. The observation station project is designed and applied at the main dam at the tailings pond at Nikolaevskaya Concentration Factory. The station includes a supporting pier with a robotic electronic tacheometer in a special container equipped with heaters, temperature and pressure sensors, and a modem, as well as the survey plugs with the optical prisms arranged in the body of the dam along representative survey lines. The article describes a procedure to measure linear and angular values at a high accuracy using the electronic tacheometer from the supporting pier to the survey plugs with the optical reflectors in the unattended mode for the earthfill dam slope stability estimate by comparing the displacements with regard to the collimating ray turn. Tested at the earthfill dams at the tailings pond of Nikolaevskaya Concentration Factory, Kazakhmys, in 2021–2022, the proposed procedure enabled the real-time automated control of the behavior of the dams with transmission of the obtained information to the dispatcher service.
The authors appreciate participation of Engineer N. R. Kadyrov, Geobiznes, in this research.

keywords Concentration factory, earthfill dam, supporting pier, survey plug, robotic tacheometer, optical prism, GeoMos, observation station

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