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ArticleName Geomechanical monitoring of slope stability in pitwall and dumps in coal mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.05.10
ArticleAuthor Kutepov Yu. I., Kutepova N. A., Ponomarenko M. R., Kutepov Yu. Yu.

Research Center for Geomechanics and Mining Practice Problems, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

Yu. I. Kutepov, Head of Laboratory, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
N. A. Kutepova, Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
M. R. Ponomarenko, Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Yu. Yu. Kutepov, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Extensive development of coal production involves growing operations at new sites with complicated geological and hydrogeological conditions and deep-level coal occurrence, which forces steeper slopes of pitwall and external dumps. The geomechanical monitoring of slope stability in pitwall and dumps is a key mission of safe performance of mines and reduction of expenditures connected with elimination of contingencies and aftereffects. The authors propose a methodical approach to a subject-oriented geomechanical monitoring to ensure required efficiency of the stability control at geotechnical facilities at optimized material and technical support of the arrangements and activities. The approach is science-based and practically approved. An advantage of the proposed procedure, alongside with the feasibility of analyzing the integrated influence of different factors on a mining facility and its complexity, is the improved reliability of the analysis owing to an expanded set of partials. Selection of monitoring techniques pursues the monitoring arrangement and implementation standards: a more complex subject of observation requires a higher level of automation, operational efficiency, coverage and accuracy. Thus, monitoring of complex and extremely complex facilities should use a complete package of automated terrestrial methods while simple facilities quite often do with visual inspection. A promising trend of perfection of a geomechanical monitoring system is the on-line information-and-analysis monitoring using geoinformation and web technologies.

keywords Geotechnical facilities, slope stability, integrated monitoring, geodesy and surveying, hydrogeological survey, geomechanical designs

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