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ArticleName Improvement of mathematical models of economics for uranium resource appraisal
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.07.05
ArticleAuthor Ovseychuk V. A., Avdeev P. B.

Transbaikal State University, Chita, Russia:

V. A. Ovseychuk, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
P. B. Avdeev, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


After completion of geological exploration, it is required to carry out geological appraisal of adeposit for selecting an optimized method of mining. The efficiency criterion is the net present value. The technological operations involved in underground uranium production and their economic assessment are described in terms of some uranium mines. It is attempted to adapt mathematical models of economic appraisal of uranium resources to the present-day mining standards. The operation of the chosen uranium mines is analyzed, the influence exerted by the cost/performance ratio of uranium production on the total appraisal of uranium resources is determined, and the recommendations on the appraisal procedure improvement are given. For estimation of eco-costs, it is required to review ecological activities of a mine. To this end, the scope of activities aimed to eliminate the environmental damage is determined by studying the adverse ecological factors that affect the environment, including the atmo-, hydro- and lithosphere and the subsoil. The environmental service personnel and the environmental control tools are listed. The measures of the environmental damage minimization are developed. From the accomplished analysis results, the ecological and economic performance of a mine is evaluated, and the evaluation is included in the overall geological and economic appraisal of mineral resources of a deposit. Among other things, it is inferred on the need of increasing the eco-budget by 10–15 % of the total cost of a deposit for obtaining objective data in assessment of efficient mining alternatives.

keywords Uranium ore deposit, geological and economic appraisal, environmental activities, net profit, mathematical modeling, operating block, leaching

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