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Название Study of aggloporite producibility from the Ekibaztuz coal ashes
DOI 10.17580/em.2023.02.18
Автор Kuldeyev E. I., Nurpeisova М. B., Fedorov E. V., Аshimova А. А.
Информация об авторе

Satbayev University Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kuldeyev E. I., Professor, Prorector, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Nurpeisova М. B., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, marzhan-nurpeissova@rambler.ru
Аshimova А. А., Candidate for a Doctor’s Degree

Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploration of Mineral Resources — IPKON, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Fedorov E. V., Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The article presents the experimental studies to assess possibility of using ash and slag waste generated during combustion of Ekibaztuz coal for production of aggloporite—porous aggregate for production of lightweight concrete. The results of studying phase composition and structure of ash and slag waste using methods of X-ray phase and differential thermal and chemical analyzes are given. The results of heat treatment in a gradient furnace of experimental compositions of aggloporite gravel are described. The conclusions are drawn about possibility of using ash and slag waste in construction industry as aggloporite gravel grade 600.

This study was carried out within framework of grant funding from the Ministry of Science and of Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan BR21882292 — «Integrated development of sustainable construction industries: innovative technologies, production optimization, effective use of resources and creation of technological technological park».

Ключевые слова Ekibastuz coal, thermal power plant, ash and slag waste, ecology, aggloporite gravel, granules, secondary resources, building products, GOST
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