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ArticleName Prevention of rock and gas outbursts in super deep-level mining in Internatsionalny Mine
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2024.01.15
ArticleAuthor Vyunikov A. A., Vorozhtsov S. G., Pul E. K., Koveshnikov P. Yu.

Mirny–Nyurba GOK, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia

A. A. Vyunikov, Deputy Chief Engineer—Head of Dynamic Phenomena Prediction and Prevention Service, Internatsionalny Mine
S. G. Vorozhtsov, Deputy Head of Dynamic Phenomena Prediction and Prevention Service, Internatsionalny Mine,
P. Yu. Koveshnikov, Deputy Chief Geotechnique Engineer—Head of GeoTM Department


ALROSA, Mirny, Russia

E. K. Pul, Chief Geotechnical Engineer


The article presents the pilot test data on prevention of gas-dynamic phenomena using the blasting-induced effect on outburst-hazardous rock mass and on mechanized cutting of outburst-hazardous carbonate rocks on super deep levels in Internatsionalny Mine (1200 m and below). The full-scale test data on dynamics of gas emission parameters and rock relaxation from stresses after implementation of advanced shooting are given, and the impact of explosion shock on outburst-hazardous dolomite seams and on induced radial fracturing in actual stopes is estimated. The information on testing the method of mechanized cutting with development of a frontal relieving cavity in a nonhazardous layer of clayey dolomite as a method of reduction of active stresses and gas dynamics in the stoping face area is given. The parameters and sequence of mechanized cutting subject to location of outburst-hazardous seams in the section of the stoping face are presented. The monitoring data on geomechanics and geodynamics of rock mass during stoping are reviewed, and the current predictions are made on the basis of change in the gas-dynamic characteristics by the initial maximum rate of gas flow from check boreholes. The study focuses on the gas dynamics of dolomite rocks sensitive to rock and gas outbursts and on their prevention by means of pre-blasting during mechanized cutting of outbursthazardous dolomite rock mass.

keywords Internatsionalny Mine, gas-dynamic phenomena, outbursts, stresses, frontal perimeter shooting, efficiency control, blasting, extraction panel

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