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ArticleName Computer design of sulfhyryl flotation agent and their derivatives
ArticleAuthor Solozhenkin P. M., Solozhenkin O. I.

The way of updating sulpfidydrilic collectors carboxyl by acids and tetraphenylantimony (V) is developed. Efficiency shortchein carboxyl the acids modified dythio by fragments at flotation antimony copper and gold-bearing polymetallic ores in a mix with sulpfidegidril reagents is shown. At application of a combination of reagents it is observed synergism. Stereochemical representations about molecules flotoreagents are considered. The computer technology and chemical programs for visualization of three-dimensional model of a molecule sulpfidydrilic collectors and their complexes with tetraphenylantimony (V) is used: hemispherical Stuart—Brigleba, billstick. Essentially new mechanism of interaction of collectors with sulphide minerals is offered. The opportunity both S-monodentate, and S, S'-bidentate coordination ionic dialkyldithiophosphate reagents — collectors in complexes tetraphenylantimony (V) is established. This circumstance underlies essentially various way of coordination dialkyldithiophosphate (mainly S-monodentate) and dialkyldithiocarbame groups (S, S'-bidentate–xelate ).

keywords Reagents for flotation, X-ray structure the analysis, molecular models, billstick model, model Stuart–Brigleba
Language of full-text russian
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