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ArticleName Results of release testing of complex surface-active compounds for autoclave-oxidation leaching of nickel-pyrrhotine concentrates
ArticleAuthor Naftal M. N., Belskiy A. N., Kudrin E. G., Petrov A. F., Lapshina N. A.

The release testing of improved technology of surface-active compound application in autoclave-oxidation leaching of nickel-pyrhotine concentrates are realized at Metallurgical plant “Nadezhda” in may 2009. The degree of noble metal loss with final tailings has considerably decreased at transition on complex surface-active compound application, % (abs.): platinum — on 7,74; palladium — on 8,28; gold — on 10,98; silver — on 6,9. Metal losses of platinum group on the sum of five elements (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir) have decreased to 8,43 % (abs.) in comparison with a standard mode.

keywords Metallurgical plant “Nadezhda”, autoclave-oxidation leaching, surface-active compound, nickel-pyrhotine concentrate, lignosulfonates, modified additive, sulfur suspension, extraction, metals of platinum group, autoclave sulphur melt
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