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ArticleName Filling vessels for under pin anode paste of soderberg's anode
ArticleAuthor Hramenko S. A., Marakushina E. N., Salamatova P. M., Guriev N. N., Tonkih N. V.

Preproduction and release testing of the stud hole paste (SHP) pitch coke and thermoanthracite based was done for the reducing emissions by the stud pulling and setting. The low porosity as compared with petroleum coke made it possible to reduce the content of coal tar pitch from 39% to 33%. Preproduction testing demonstrated that SHP on basis of pitch coke and thermoanthracite has the physical and mechanical properties comparable with SHP on the petroleum coke basis. The state value of the SHP in studhole was done by the release testing as well as state value of the anode surface in studzone, the accuracy of stud setting, the current load, the stud-anode change of voltage. The state value confirmed the high quality performance of the experimental SHP.

keywords Self-baking anode, stud hole paste, thermoanthracite, pitch coke, electrolyzer, current loading, coal-tar pitch
Language of full-text russian
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