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ArticleName Erosive wear on the bottom of electrolysis
ArticleAuthor Vedin V. A., Gnedin Yu. F., Seleznev A. N.

Classification of carbon botton blocks of aluminium electrolysises is resulted, the modern level of production development of graphite and graphitized bottom blocks, positive and negative sides of their production and operation is considered. Work on material reception of graphitized bottom blocks, corresponding to requirements of the leading foreign companies of consumers and producers of cathodic production and with the raised abrasion resistance is spent. Research results have shown perspectivity of application of graphitized cathodic blocks on conditions that them thermoanthracite filling vessel introduces in charge. The quantity (share) of thermoanthracite added in coking charge and size of its particles can serve for reception of a demanded complex of properties.

keywords Cathodic blocks, bottom blocks, graphitic corrosion, wear, electrolysis, service life, aluminium
Language of full-text russian
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