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ArticleName Influence of titan and silicon on extracting molybdenum and wolframium fluorides
ArticleAuthor Maiorov V. G., Nikolaev A. I., Kopkov V. K., Safonova L. A.

Influence of fluoro metallates acids H2TiOF4, H2SiF6 for the purpose of comparison H2SO4 on extraction Mo and W by tributyl phosphate is studied. It is shown that extraction of Mo and W increases among acids H2SO4 < H2SiF6 < H2TiOF4. Zone of anomalously high extraction of Mo and W (to 90 and 50% accordingly) with well-sounded maximum on the curves characterizing dependence of distribution Mo and W from concentration Ti is found for fluoride-titanous system at concentrating Ti of 1,0–1,5 mol/l. The obtained data is interesting for extraction technologies Ta and Nb in connection with the observable tendency of increase in volumes of processing of poor niobiumtantalic raw materials with the high impurity containing.

keywords Poor metal raw materials, impurity, fluoride solution, extraction, tributyl phosphate, fluoro metallates acid
Language of full-text russian
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