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ArticleName Generation of diffused layers on copper in the shielding atmosphere
ArticleAuthor Akimov V. A., Radyuk A. G., Titlyanov A. E.

Methods of generation of hardwearing diffused layer on copper surface with the maximal heart-transfer resistance are investigated. The structure and phase composition of diffused layer generated on copper by spray flame coating from aluminium,dual coating from aluminum and aluminum oxide and its mix and the subsequent heat treatment in the shielding atmosphere are studied. The chemical compound and microhardness of phases, and also thickness of copper-aluminum diffused layer and its structural constituent are defined. It is established that the spray coating Al/Al2O3 in the thickness ~1,0/0,2 mm and heat treatment at temperature of 900–980 оС in the shielding atmosphere are the most effective methods of generation of hardwearing diffused layer on a surface of copper with the maximal heart-transfer resistance.

keywords Copper, flame coating, dual coating, aluminum, aluminum oxide, heat treatment, shielding atmosphere, transfer layer, diffused layer, phase composition, microhardness, wear resistance, heart-transfer resistance
Language of full-text russian
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