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Russian national youth school-conference “Modern problems of metallurgy”, 2009
ArticleName Nanostructural titanium for biomedical application
ArticleAuthor Yakushina E. B., Semenova I. P., Valiev R. Z.

Materials for medical products should satisfy the some requirements at production and application of materials. The research results of nanostructural titanium in form of long semiproducts – bars to 3000 mm and 7 mm in diameter are first presented. Titanium is produced by the complex deformation processing combining equal channel angular extrusion and warm rolling. The produced implants have shown excellent results at the first stages of implantation in comparison with implants of other types. Thus, the first clinical testing of nanostructural titanium confirms the big perspectivity of its usage for production of new dental implants.

keywords Nanostructural titanium, implants, biomedical application, metal materials, semiproducts, equal channel angular extrusion
Language of full-text russian
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