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Russian national youth school-conference “Modern problems of metallurgy”, 2009
ArticleName Research of production technology of superconductors on the basis of Nb3Sn for ITER project
ArticleAuthor Balaev S. M., Vorobieva A. E., Dergunova E. A., Shikov A. K.

Researches for development of multi-core superconductors for magnetic system of the International thermonuclear experimental reactor are carried out. Influence of titan concentration in niobic fibers on a microstructure of received intermetallic phases Nb3Sn and density of a critical current is considered. It is established that density of critical current reach the maximum values >800 А/мм2 in a magnetic field of 12 tesla at temperature 4,2 K and electrostatic field strength 0,1 µV/sm at the size of niobic fibers 2–3 µm.

keywords Superconductors, niobic compound, titan concentration, fiber, reactor, critical current, maximum values
Language of full-text russian
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