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ArticleName Leaching of kounradskiy mines waste dumps
ArticleAuthor Kushakova L. B.

Many works about picking-up and analysis of the facts, describing environmental state in Balkhashskiy region were made. It was established that waste dumps have not essential influence on environment components. Unfortunately, influence of waste dumps of overbalanced ores containing sulfide minerals of copper and iron, is more substantial. Carring-out and diffusion of copper and other components in surrounding area are the result of processes in waste dumps, occurring during long-term storage of overbalanced ores. The pilot plant, with production capacity of 200 kg of cathode copper per day has been put into operation at waste dumps of Kounradskiy mine in August 2008.

keywords Waste dumps, overbalanced ores, waste material, leaching, copper cementing, extracting technology, oxidation processes, material composition, copper minerals, copper content
Language of full-text russian
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