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ArticleName Complex sorption-solvent extraction-electrodialysis technology for production of ammonium perrhenate from uranium containing solutions
ArticleAuthor Zagorodnyaya A. N., Abisheva Z. S., Ponomareva E. I., Bobrova V. V.

The paper presents the results of works on organization of rhenium production from solutions of underground leaching of uranium ores. On the basis of experimental data the technology was developed and implemented with using of the same reagents as in uranium production: anionite AMP, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, ammonia, trialkylamine (TAA). The main stage of technology is elution of rhenium from anionites after elution of uranium. Further concentration of rhenium was carried out by two stage solvent extraction with production of crude ammonium perrhenate by the method of solid phase stripping. Crude ammonium perrhenate was purified by electrodialysis. The average recovery from these solutions in ammonium perrhenate of highest quality is 70 % (without taking circulation into consideration), cost price is 30 % from price of rhenium 1300 USD for 1 kg.

keywords Uranium ores, underground leaching solutions, rhenium, anion resin, sorption, elution, extractant, extracting, re-extraction, electrodialysis
Language of full-text russian
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