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Название Composite materials dispersion-hardened with nanoparticles on the NiAl–TiN base for electrosparking precipitation of multifunction coatings
Автор Pogozhev Yu. S., Levashov E. A., Zamulaeva E. I., Azarova E. V., Milonich S.

Macrokinetic characteristics of burning process of reaction mixes for compact materials formation on the 97% NiAl—3% TiN base, alloyed with nanodispersed refractory component are investigated in this paper. The samples of materials with NiAl intermetallic compound as a main phase dispersion-hardened with nanoparticles were produced via technology of power compaction using the method of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. Alloying of the base alloy with nanoparticles promote double reduction of intermetallic NiAl grain size and increase of high-dispersion phase contents in synthesized products. Complex tests of mechanical-physics characteristics and heat resistance of finished materials are researched. Positive influence effect of nanoparticles of refractory compounds for such alloy characteristics like relative density, hardness, strength and elastic modulus is shown, but in the same time, used additives of nanosized powders don't have positive influence on hardness to high-temperature oxidation.

Ключевые слова Burning, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, intermetallic compound, composite materials, despersion-hardened materials, nanoparticles
Language of full-text русский
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