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ArticleName Processing of the oxidated materials with high halogenide content
ArticleAuthor Skudnyi A. I., Kozlov P. A., Ivakin D. A., Zatonskiy A. V., Asadulin R. R.

Features of chlorine and fluorine precipitation from middlings of zinc production are considered, in particular the behaviour of these components is studied in experimental conditions at waelz-process with calcium oxide. It is found that degree of chlorine and fluorine volatilization decreases to 15 % at the contеnt of calcium oxide in charge not less than 20 %. It allows in a combination to water washing to remove to 97 % of chlorine and 85 % of fluorine from waelz-fume with transfer of their considerable part in clinker

keywords Zinc-containing waste, chlorine, fluorine, calcium oxide, leaching, waelz-process, secondary fumes
Language of full-text russian
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