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ArticleName Research and validation of technology of sawage treatment from anions (in hydrometallurgical zinc production)
ArticleAuthor Reshetnikov Yu. V., Kozlov P. A., Zatonskiy A. V., Kubasov V. L., Panshin A. M.

Data on development of sewage treatment of zinc production from anions in experimental conditions (SO42–,Cl) is resulted. Sewage before dump in reservoirs of fisheries and general use, as a rule, demand additional cleaning. It is offered the barium sulphide use as reagents for a sulphate-ion conclusion. Clearing of chlorides can be spent by known in zinc hydrometallurgy methods. Water is suitable for return to a water circulation after sewage treatment from sulphates-ions.

keywords Clearing, sewage, zinc production, reagent, barium sulphide, chlorides, return to a water circulation, reservoirs
Language of full-text russian
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