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ArticleName Productivity increase of production processes of polycrystalline silicon by increase in diameters of cores-bases
ArticleAuthor Peretokin A. S.

The method of productivity increase of production processes of polycrystalline silicon by hydrogen reduction at the expense of increase of a surface of initial cores-bases is considered. It is shown that the productivity gain is possible at use of cores-bases with the sizes which are in a certain interval, and the maximum gain will be at use of cores of the optimum cross-section sizes (diameter). Analytical formula for a finding of optimum value of diameter depending on equipment characteristics is received. As a result of the analysis characteristics and the parameters of the process most influencing efficiency of the considered method are revealed.

keywords Polycrystalline silicon, hydrogen reduction, chlorosilane, coresbases, extraction degree, duration of operations, productivity, equipment characteristics
Language of full-text russian
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