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ArticleName Hard alloys on the basis of carbide of wolframite with nanogranulitic and ultrathin structure
ArticleAuthor Falkovsky V. A., Borovsky G. V.

On 16th (2005) and 17th (2009) Plansee seminars in Reutte (Austria), the European congress on powder metallurgy Euro PM 2009, Copenhagen (Denmark) have been given interesting reports, in particular, devoted to research of properties and discussion of technological decisions about production of nanodispersive hard alloys and initial powders. Results of these proceedings are short discussed in the given review. Industrial manufacturing techniques of submicron, ultrathin and nanogranulitic powders of carbide of wolframite are shown. Influence restrainers on durability and viscosity of alloys is specified. Comparison of the hard alloys made 10 years ago with modern alloys is made, the area of their application is specified.

keywords Carbidization, powder WC, alloyage, rare earths, clinkering, hard alloys, a quantum ladder
Language of full-text russian
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