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ArticleName Magnesium alloy scrap processing into granulated magnesium for hot metal desulphurization
ArticleAuthor Barannik I. A., Sviridov D.E.

Process features of granules production of magnesium alloys scrap used for out-of-furnace hot metal desulphurization are reviewed on the basis of own studies and studies of other authors. A rational technology for granulated magnesium-aluminium alloys production used in hot metal desulphurization is grounded considering the changes in physical and chemical properties and processing characteristics of secondary magnesium alloys formed in scrap remelting. Main factors noticeably affecting both the granule production from magnesium and aluminium alloys and their usage are: change of crystallization range and alloy ignition temperature depending on aluminium content.

keywords Granulated magnesium, granulation, magnesium alloy scrap, hot metal desulphurization, technology of production
Language of full-text russian
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