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Heavy non-ferrous metals
Название Variant of processing of the sulphide copper concentrate by mixed method
Автор Medvedev A. S., So Tu, Hamhash A., Gosteeva N. V., Ptitsin A. M.
Methods of processing of sulphide copper raw materials by cryoannealing with NaCl (450 °С) and КСl (700 °С) and following leaching of cake are considered. They tried out two concentrates — erdenetsky (Mongolia) and udokansky (Russia). At that gas emission of sulphurous gases in atmosphere is completely excluded. Modes of roasting of concentrates and leaching of cakes with production of copper sulphate, kalium salts and sodium and ferrous cake as end products are developed.
Ключевые слова Sulphide copper concentrate, roasting, leaching, copper sulphate, potash fertilizer
Language of full-text русский
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