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Noble metals and alloys
Название Influence of slag compositon and fusion temperature on distribution of precious metals at reduction melting of copper gold-bearing roasted product
Автор Strizhko L. S., Peresadi S. S.
Reducing smelting of preliminarily roasted copper sulfide concentrate even without addition of dope collector-phase, allows effectively extract copper and precious metals to the bottom phase (blister copper). Experimental investigation of impact of some parameters of smelting, such as concentrations of SiO2, CaO, Na2O in slag and temperature to the distribution of gold and silver was conducted, using charcoal as reductant. Obtained results show, that optimal slag composition in case of minimization of precious metals losses is: Na2O 6–7 %, CaO — 12–18 %, SiO2 — 32–36 %. Optimal process temperature is 1573 K.
Ключевые слова Reducing smelting, gold, silver, roasted con centrate, slag
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