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Nanostructured metals and materials
Название Increase of plasticity and viscosity of alloy E635 for load-bearing elements of fuel assemblies of reactors
Автор Markelov V. A., Shishov V. N., Sablin M. N., Aktuganova E. N., Kropachev S. Yu.
Possibilities of increase of technological and operational characteristics of zirconia alloy E635 by control of degree of recrystallizing, the size, density and uniformity of distribution of particles of the second phase are considered. In practice such possibilities for alloy E635 are realised by optimization of the scheme of processing of pipes for guide channels and the central pipe of fuel assembliess of reactors and improvement, at the expense of updating of technology, structurally-phase condition of strips for corners of rigidities of skeleton.
Ключевые слова Alloy E635, plasticity, viscosity, structurally-phase condition, degree of recrystallizing, particles of the second phase, guide channels, central pipe, rigidity corners, fuel assemblies
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