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Metal processing
ArticleName Production of metal powders by mechanical crushing of chip and scrap, production of blowy pieces by the electropulse method
ArticleAuthor Krasnov A. A., Kostrov K. V., Silin A. Yu., Samuilov S. D.
Results of experiments on metal chip crushing and other light scrap at industrial rotary jet mills developed in LLC «New technologies – engineering» (St. Petersburg) are resulted. Problems of high efficiency mills creation and maintenance of crushing in the inert media are solved. The wide spectrum of metals is investigated. Possible spheres of powders application are analyzed. The paper shows, that it is possible to produce from a powder the materials with porosity of ~50 % with use of electropulse technology.
keywords Scrap metal, metal chip, metal powders, mechanical grinding, rotary jet mills, porous metals, electropulse technology of metal chip briquetting
Language of full-text russian
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